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Marine ecosystems face intense pressure from climate change, pollution and overharvesting, all of which are expressions of the ultimate problem of unsustainable development linked to overpopulation.  These problems present difficult challenges that will require all the creativity of scientists, conservationists and the public to solve if the oceans are to avoid decimation within our lifetimes.  

Reef near Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, Mexico

These problems matter because there are still so many wonderful things to be discovered and incredibly special places that need to be conserved.  The Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico is one such place, and I have devoted significant efforts to raising awareness and advocating for greater protection of the extraordinarily diverse marine habitats of northern Quintana Roo.

More recently I have led or participated in expeditions to Brazil, the Galapagos and the remote South Atlantic Island of St Helena, in search of new discoveries about species and ecosystems that deserve concerted conservation efforts.