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The major problems facing the ocean stem from putting too much of some things in (heat, pollution, carbon dioxide, noise) and taking too much of some other things out (seafood and other extractable resources).  These imbalances are all expressions of the ultimate problem of unsustainable development linked to human overpopulation. They present difficult challenges that require all the creativity of scientists, conservationists and the public to solve if the oceans are to avoid decimation within our lifetimes or those of our children. These problems matter because there are still so many wonderful things to be discovered and incredibly special places that need to be conserved.  

Reef near Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, MexicoConservation highlights from Dr. Dove’s career:

*  Testitfying about shark conservation in the US Congress, both House of Representatives and Senate

*  Active participation in the international dialogue about plastic pollution in the ocean.

*  Contributing data & expertise to the creation of marine protected areas in Mexico & St Helena.

*  Prominent in the Long Island Sound Lobster Research Inititative that investigated the collapse of this important fishery.

*Brought to prominence the issue of parasites introduced to Australian waters with exotic freshwater fishes.