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I want propagate a contagious excitement for marine biology among the public, so that others can feel what I and my colleagues feel when we experience extraordinary marine animals and ecosystems.”  

Dr. Dove uses Open Access scientific publishing and digital media to communicate science and conservation as directly and openly as possible.  From 2010 to 2015 he was Associate Editor and a regular contributor to  He is very active on Twitter  @AlistairDove and @Wheres_Domino.  In September 2015 he presented at the TEDxPeachtree conference in Atlanta.

Dr. Dove’s popular science writings have been published in the anthology The Open Laboratory: The Best of Science Writing on the Web in 2010 and again in 2013

His research and conservation efforts at Georgia Aquarium have also featured in more traditional media including the Emmy-nominated ABC series Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin, the PBS series Changing Seas, Nat Geo and Discovery channels, and network and cable news including numerous appearances providing commentary on marine science issues on CNN and The Weather Channel.  His earlier research into the causes of the lobster collapse in Long Island Sound was featured in the New York Times.