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Some of Dr. Dove’s research highlights include:

  1. Co-leading the group that sequenced and assembled the genome of the whale shark, the first shark to have its genome fully assembled.
  2. Awarded US Patent No. 9,994,466 for co-invention of a system for denitrification of water
  3. Describing, with collaborators, the largest aggregation of whale sharks known to science.
  4. Discovering potential whale shark mating grounds in St Helena, south Atlantic
  5. Expeditionary filed work in Galapagos (Ecuador), St Helena (UKOT), Indonesia and Mexico.
  6. Describing a new non-infectious disease in American lobsters related to environmental changes.
  7. Documenting for the first time the presence of the Asian fish tapeworm in Australian freshwater fishes.
  8. Describing new genera and species of parasites in Australian marine and freshwater fishes

 Selected publications (or go to Full Bibliography or to his ResearchGate profile or OrcID profile):



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