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Help me help Mrs. L., and I will give away cool stuff

OK folks, the Ocean Bloggers for Education campaign on Donors Choose officially starts today!  The aim of the game here is that those who blog about marine science are getting together to promote Donors Choose projects that will improve ocean literacy for the next generation in underprivileged schools.  Ah, who am I kidding, the real goal is to outshine your ocean blogging competitors with your reader’s fundraising awesomeness!   To that end, I need your help.  Actually, Mrs. L.’s middle school class from Paulding County GA needs your help; this is the project I’d like to focus on (of course, donate to whatever you like!).  I am hoping that DTF’s readers can help raise $238 more dollars so that Mrs. L.’s class can do their Mirror Universe project, studying submarine topography and the importance of currents.  Its not much - just 10 bucks from 24 of you, or 25 bucks from 10 of you - and these kids will get to learn more about the ocean we all love so much.

Mrs. L.’s middle school class in Dallas GA - budding marine scientists all!Here’s the sweetener.  If we (and “we” here includes YOU) can get Mrs. L.’s class project fully funded, I will offer the class a guided behind-the-scenes tour at Georgia Aquarium (equivalent to about $300 for a school class of 25).  But wait, there’s more!  I will also give a BTS tour to the two biggest donors who identify themselves as DTF readers,  plus one guest, when next they are in our fair city of Atlanta.  If they are unlikely to ever make it to the ATL (and there’s no expiry date on my offer!), I will russle up some swag for them instead.  Street value is about $75 per person.  Of course, the catch is that you won’t know how much others have given, so it will be a bit like a Dutch auction.  If you can only afford a couple of bucks, never fear, you will have contributed to Mrs. L.’s class achieving their goal AND getting a bonus field trip to the aquarium (I will post pics on the blog).  Here’s what to do:

  1. Go here and donate as much as you’re comfortable with, or go as big as you think you need to win!
  2. Email your receipt to Malia at the blog Shell and Mantle <— This bit is important!  Make sure you tell her you are a Deep Type Flow reader.
  3. When its all said and done, Malia will tell me who the biggest donor was and I’ll announce it here on the blog (or by email if you prefer to remain anonymous)

If we achieve our goal of getting Mrs. L.’s class funded, by all means please donate to any one of the other worthy marine science projects in the Ocean Bloggers for Education campaign.  Improving ocean literacy among kids is a huge step forward.  The kids are keen, the teachers are keen, the bloggers are keen - here’s your chance to help pull it all together.



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