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Whale shark genome schwag has been unbridled!

This is so cool!  To raise funds for the whale shark genomics research on which I am one of the lead investigators, Georgia Aquarium has had a limited run of custom Silly Bands made - that latest of wildly popular kids fashion accessories.  In each pack is a band for each letter of the genetic code (for the non-biologists among you, that’s A, C, T and G), as well as a first-of-its-kind whale shark and the Aquarium’s spiffy G-fish logo.  With these bad-boys your kids can be fashionable and learn about genetics and marine biology at the same time.  Its not just for kids; heck, I am wearing them right now (and I feel cooler already!)

 The exclusive whale shark genome Silly Bands. Go on, you know you want them.

They’re exclusive to the aquarium and you can bask in the glow of their rubbery goodness for just $3 a pack, with all proceeds going to the whale shark genome project.  The best way to get them is to visit the aquarium in downtown Atlanta, but if you’re not in the ATL, don’t despair; if you buy five or more packs (i.e. $15), you can send a check directly to Stephanie at the address below and she’ll send them right to you.  PLUS you get to say you helped scientists at the Aquarium and Emory University to sequence the genome of the world’s largest fish, as well as participating in the craziest bit of crowd-sourced science funding ever.  SCIENCE - love it!


Stephanie Brown

Assistant Manager

Georgia Aquarium

225 Baker Street

Atlanta, GA 30313

(please make checks out to “Georgia Aquarium”)

Georgia Aquarium is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit institution

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