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A DonorsChoose update

In the fall, the readers of this and other marine science blogs supported a combined “Ocean Bloggers United for Education” campaign to raise money for improving K-12 marine science education in underprivileged schools.  I just wanted to update you on one of the pet projects of this blog: the Mirror Universe project at a Paulding County middle school here in Georgia.  We reached their funding goal and the class was able to purchase the necessary materials to study underwater topography and the forces that shape it.  Mrs L., the class teacher, writes:

“Thank you for your incredible generosity. My school is facing budget cuts and without your donation my students would not have been able to use these amazing supplies. My students have had a great time using the rock samples, globe, aquarium and seafloor model.  We used the aquarium and seafloor model to learn vocabulary and create topographic maps. Students are always surprised to discover that there are mountains, canyons, and volcanoes below the ocean’s surface. When we used the globe to locate the features they were able to understand that the geographic features on the land and under the water are very similar. This year my students were able to see and touch the features on the ocean floor. I feel like the aquarium, seafloor model and globe really helped my students understand this unit.  I can’t wait to use the aquarium to teach my students about currents and seafloor resources. I know that seeing the currents in action is going to help my students understand more about the ocean.”

Some of the kids will also be coming to the Aquarium for a visit later in February.  I’ll be sure to post pics and stories from that visit when they come.  My thanks again to the kind readers who joined the marine science bloggers in donating to improve science education. Truth will out!

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Could you help: our school went from my 2 aquatic science classes to 8 this year. I have equipment & a salt water set up in both classrooms but need interesting dead things....I would love a deep sea isopod. I don't want anyone to kill such things but if anyone has a few jars of groovy stuff in the back rooms you no longer need our students would benefit from seeing such seabeasts. Most have never been to even Galveston & they are seniors! If anyone is near Houston/Pasadena area & has some little things for our salt tanks I would love a few critters.


Deb Elliott
Aquatic Science
AP Biology
Corrupting the Youth of American whenever I can!
February 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDeborah Elliott

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