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Dr. Roy's Aquariumania

If you’re into podcasts, my colleage and good bud from the University of Florida, Dr. Roy Yanong, is doing a series called Aquariumania.  Check them out.  Roy is a veterinarian and fish health researcher and his latest podcast is an interview with fish curator at SeaWorld, Jim Kinsler.  He’s got other gems too, like this interview with Shedd Aquarium water quality expert Allen Lapointe and this one with Dr Helen Roberts, one of the few private veterinary practitioners for whom the bulk of their business is made up of fish patients.

Bear with some ads early on and you’ll be able to listen to some of the current luminaries in aquarium health, interviewed by one of their own.  Kudos to Roy for embracing the new media!  If you’re into aquariums and fish health at all, they’re well worth your time.

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