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Where is your line?

I am pretty sure I’ve found mine.  A fellow student when I was at college was from Taiwan and used to tell me about a fish dish cooked in such a way that the fish was alive when it was brought to the table and that you ate it while it was still “gilling”.  I never believed him until now.  The following video may be disturbing to you, because it shows exactly the dish my colleague described.  It comes from Discovery News story (hat tip to @sharkb8t on Twitter) in reference to a new book from Penn State Researcher Victoria Braithwaite about whether or not fish can feel pain.  I am agnostic on the question - I just don’t feel I know enough to make a sound judgement - but in this case, doesn’t it seem best to err on the side of caution?  Does the culinary novelty, the ability to say thats really fresh, outweigh even a slim possibility that this fish could feel some part of the process and is, or was, suffering as a result?  I’m inclined to think not, but what do you think? 

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