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Science Online 2011

I was interested in meeting some other online science folks and I had heard through the twittoblograpevine®  that the Science Online 2011 conference registration was opening soon, so I marked my calendar with a reminder to register.  Come last Wednesday at 12 o’clock, sure enough off goes the alarm.  I sidle over to the site and register on my lunch hour, figuring that if I put it off I might just forget.  My registration goes through at 12.37pm and after its done I note that I am number 223 in the list of attendees.  What, what?!  223 people in 37 minutes?  Next thing I know, I get a Tweet that registration is closed, sold-out at the maximum 300 participants at 12.44.  Yikes!  Either online science folks are über-connected, or this is one seriously popular conference. I suspect a bit of both, but I never guessed that registering would be like 14yos trying to score tickets for a Justin Bieber concert.

Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster for Outlook reminders, I am one of the lucky ones.  I signed up to teach a workshop on Prezi, my favourite presentation software (Powerpoint is dead to me).  And Research Triangle Park NC, I’ll see you in January 2011.  I am already working on some good Aussie sea shanties to contribute…