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Good news everyone! </Prof. Farnsworth>

I am excited to say that I will be joining the Deep Sea News network of marine science bloggers.  For those who are not familiar with DSN, they’ve been producing kick-butt marine science bloggy-type content since 2005 and are currently the most popular marine bio blog on the web and the only one listed in Google News.  Joining that community means I can work with some of the best mar-sci bloggers around and hopefully we all riff off each other to produce great content and host the sort of excellent discussions that I have always found so rewarding about blog audiences.  Its a sort of critical mass that’s much more manageable in a blog network than going solo.

I am going to hang onto this domain, because there will be times when I want to write about stuff that is not DSN material, so don’t drop this page from your feed reader just yet.

My first post is a general intro to the natural history of whale sharks and may be very familiar to folks who’ve followed this blog for a while.  Once its set up, I’ll post the link to RSS feed of my posts at DSN here.  But really, you should subscribe to ALL of DSN’s stuff, you can’t go wrong.


New DSN feed

For those of you like me who are hapless RSS junkies, here’s a link for my new feed at Deep Sea News and here’s the feed for ALL DSN content.  Go on, Google Reader beckons you, you know you want to…



Open Lab 2010

Jason Goldman at the Thoughtful Animal is the editor of the 2010 Open Lab anthology, a compilation of the best scientific blog posts for the year, as judged by a group of volunteer science blog editors.  Interestingly, the Open Lab anthology is printed as an actual paper book (remember them?) to serve as a lasting record of science writing from blog-land, so keep an eye out here for links to the final printed product, when it emerges.  In the meantime, I’m thrilled to be one of the 60 chosen from 900 submissions for Dancing With a Giant, a piece written while on field work in Mexico for Georgia Aquarium , after an especially profound encounter with a whale shark.  Thanks to the editors and congrats to the other bloggers chosen for the 2010 Collection!


Science Online 2011

I was interested in meeting some other online science folks and I had heard through the twittoblograpevine®  that the Science Online 2011 conference registration was opening soon, so I marked my calendar with a reminder to register.  Come last Wednesday at 12 o’clock, sure enough off goes the alarm.  I sidle over to the site and register on my lunch hour, figuring that if I put it off I might just forget.  My registration goes through at 12.37pm and after its done I note that I am number 223 in the list of attendees.  What, what?!  223 people in 37 minutes?  Next thing I know, I get a Tweet that registration is closed, sold-out at the maximum 300 participants at 12.44.  Yikes!  Either online science folks are über-connected, or this is one seriously popular conference. I suspect a bit of both, but I never guessed that registering would be like 14yos trying to score tickets for a Justin Bieber concert.

Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster for Outlook reminders, I am one of the lucky ones.  I signed up to teach a workshop on Prezi, my favourite presentation software (Powerpoint is dead to me).  And Research Triangle Park NC, I’ll see you in January 2011.  I am already working on some good Aussie sea shanties to contribute…


Carnival of the Blue #42 - Life, the Universe and Everything

Pete Strutton’s account on this blog of the history and significance of ocean fertilisation as a possible way to combat global warming is part of the latest Carnival of the Blue over at Oceana’s blog The Beacon.  You should check out what else they have cooking: oil spill research, salmon fisheries, MPA’s, and the census of marine life.

And here’s news: carnival #43 will be right here on DeepTypeFlow!


Circus of the Spineless is up!

The 56th Circus of the Spineless is up over at Jason Robertshaw’s Cephalopodcast blog, and DeepTypeFlow is part of the party for the first time. CotS is a blog carnival bringing together recent blog posts about invertebrates from all over teh interwebz.  Check out some of the fine contributions here.


A change to commenting

I always wanted people to be able to link to other sources of information in the comments here, but the comment spammers have just gotten out of control so I have switched to plain text commenting.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  If you want to link to something, just contact me through the form page and I’ll make sure your links are available to all.


Carnival of the Blue

There’s still plenty of time this month to check out the 39th Carnival of the Blue, a monthly round-up of marine science themed blog posts hosted on a different site each month.  This time its at the blog Arthropoda, which recently joined the Southern Fried Science network, a group of mastly marine themed blogs.


More on sharky parasites

I have a guest post over at the aforementioned Parasite-a-Day blog today. 


Carnival of the Blue 36

Carnival of the Blue is a collection of marine science blog posts from all over the web, hosted every month at a different blogger's page.  This month its at Christie Wilcox's blog "Observations of a Nerd".  Check it out!

I'm on the docket to host CotB in December.  In the meantime, you can visit its perpetual home here, and marvel at the munificent magnanimity of its creators, Jason Robertshaw and Mark Powell.